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TRAILER : A Second Life love story

April 18, 2010

A love story in Second Life

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Frankie goes to Second Life

June 20, 2009

Frankie Rockett, the creator of the amazing Art Box installation, did it again !

About a month ago Sandy and me visited his installation in Klaw and took great pics like this one, on a clever recreation of the classic picture “Lunch at the top of a skyscraper”. I even got my own sandwich for the pose !

So when we got a group notice mentioning new installations, we ran there. First, I played Jackson Pollock on this fantastic immersive scene. Wearing a can and a brush (check the props box near the scene), and clicking on the various paint cans on the floor, you can create your own Pollockian mural.

Next, The Last Supper. The table scene was not really up to the same quality of the other installations, but the cherub pose on the side was amazing, and Sandy got her angel wings for a heavenly snapshot.

This is the recreation of “Nighthawks”, an evocative painting by Edward Hopper. Some time ago Frankie made a beautiful video set on this restaurant, and now he gives us the chance to be there.

The Wizard of Oz ! Sandy’s boots look more like the Futurama version, though :P.

Edvar Munch’s “The Scream”. I screamed “Coooooddddyyyyyyyy !!!”

Cody heard me from 23 sims away and came for more pictures. FIrst, as a cherub…

The “American Gothic” painting always creeps me out… perhaps because I used to have a horror stories book with it on the cover… with the pitchfork dripping blood… But this made for a great family portrait 😛

And finally, some Keith Haring dancing !

By all means you have to check this place out ! Go with some friends and the fun will be exponentially higher.

Shadow Dancing

May 5, 2009

Check out this amazing animation by Lordfly Digeridoo… making extensive use of dynamic shadows, a feature currently available on Kirstenlee Cinquetti’s s17 viewer (to be added to the regular SL viewer, eventually… so start saving RL money for a huge computer upgrade :P).

Check the multiple shadows on the floor as the light sources move… and also notice the projected textures on the walls and boxes, that’s another new functionality.

Awesome dance animation, btw…

(Found at Not Possible IRL)