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ready to shop =176=

April 15, 2010

Oh yes… more shopping to do XD

First of all… a cute gown with a nice back. You will find it at Paris Metro. Click the poster you will find on the desk near the tp point.

Another pinkie!! Can’t help it. It’s so cute that you MUST have it… From Sweeter Than Candy.
The salopette in the middle is extra cute!!! You can get it for free from JUJU.
And the beautiful dress on the left costs 35L and it’s from Dulce Secrets.

A sweet night dress which can be worn as pj too. Matching slippers included. It’s a MM prize from Tikisma.

That’s all for now!!
Have fun!!


SL is soooo pink today!!!

April 15, 2010

And of course more pink things for you…

The shirt in the first photo is not free, costs 50L but worths every single L$ !!!! It is so sexy and well made!!! Find it at Crayon Design. Comes in 2 other colors and you can get the fatpack for 120L!!
The skin is for the Pink Day and costs 10L at Chic.
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The unisex shirt on the left is free at Aqua.
The shirt in the middle is from pig and it’s a subscribo gift.
And the shirt on the right is free from Butterfly Effectz.
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The two shirt on the left and in the middle are free from evie.
And the dress is free from A Netherworld.
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Last pink photo of the day…. Duh! shoes!!! The boots on the right are dollarbies, the rest freebies.
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it’s raining at Vlodovic!!

April 14, 2010

Oh yes! And you can go to Vlodovic, find 3 big dollarbie raindrops and get that amazing outfit and shoes!!


hunting for daisies

April 14, 2010

Oh yes another hunt with amazing prizes!!
You are looking for white daisies inside the shops at Heart & Sole!!



ready to shop =173=

April 14, 2010

The list today starts with new stuff from Peppermint Blue. Their stuff keep becoming better and better!
So the amazing cowgirl outfit with matching boots is their new group gift. The beautiful dress, bag, belt and also (not shown in the photo) shoes, skin and shape are the new gift. And the sneakers are a subscribo gift, still in history but you’d better hurry.

Many cute group gifts from Tikisma. Not only those that you see in the left and in the middle of the photo, but also more in the shop and a pair of sandals and matching handbag in the group notices. The beautiful gown on the right is the prize of a small hunt they have there.

The sexy shirt on the left is a group gift from N1CO and the sexy dress on the right is the new group gift from Azul.

That’s not all for now!!
Back in a while.
Have fun!! XD

Soul’s Street

April 13, 2010

Oh you’re so gonna love Soul’s Street. You will find several nice stuff there. Four lucky boards, two camping chairs, lots of group gifts and a dollarbie bag. And you will get many sexy clothes, jewels, sunglasses, shoes and short boots!!!



Pacadi Jasha closing sale

April 12, 2010

Unfortunately it’s true. Pacadi Jasha is closing down. So it’s our last chance to get some of their lovely stuff for great prices.
Tees: 55L$
tops: 65L$
Jewelry: 45-55L$
Hair: 50L$
Poses: 85L$
Pants: 45L$
Jeans: 65L$
KREATURA Collection: 130L$


ready to shop =168=

April 12, 2010

And the list for now…

sooooooo lets start with those amazing boots!!! They are a group gift from CheerNo. It’s for men but not hard to resize. You will also find a male skin in the group notices.
The pants and the beautiful necklace are group gifts from Curious Kitties.

The clothes you can see are some of the lovely subscribo gifts and treasure hunt prizes from Shush.

The two outfits on the right are the new group gifts from Yesss and Nanashi.
The pink top and the skirt are some of the Salire group gifts.
And the cute outfit on the left is the new gift from G&N.

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!

ready to shop =164=

April 10, 2010

I told you there is more XD

First of all… the outfit on the left and the jewels is a uRBaNe group gift. The tank and panties next to that is their subscribo gift.

Ever seen such a beautiful pair of shoes?! Its’ a subscribo gift from Heart & Sole.
The dress in the middle is free from Nicky Ree.
And the dress on the right is the new 10L from Aqua.

Two dollarbie hair from DarkerSide. Both come in many colors and the flower on the right hair changes colors.

That’s all for now.
Have fun!


April 8, 2010

Got bored of looking around for tiny well hidden eggs?!
Then it’s time to go to Starlust and egg-hunt there.
You will never believe it till you see it!! The eggs there are enormous!!
You have to cam around the eggs to see the shops!!!
Most of them are free, but there are others costing up to 10L.
Not bad for those amazing stuff they are hidding!

Here are some of the great gifts you will get:
Skin here free
Hair (fat pack) here 9L
Shirt in 1st photo here
(and btw i love nerds!!! hihihi)
Dress in 1st photo here
Wounds (tattoo) here
Dress in 2nd photo here
Outfit with two pants and matching shoes here dollarbie