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TRAILER : A Second Life love story

April 18, 2010

A love story in Second Life

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Virtual CBGB @ Artbox

April 3, 2010

Today we went to check out ArtBox latest addition, a recreation of the famous CBGB club at New York City, the place where great bands like Ramones and Talking Heads gave their first shows.

Ramones at the CBGB, 1975

ArtBox is an entertaining and thought-provoking site, we’ve featured them a couple of times already (here and here). Check the upper floors for a lot of art works you can rez and pose inside.

At the CBGB we took the opportunity to try some of the gift poses we got from NSA (No Strings Attached) at the Pose Fair 2010 🙂






Direct TP to Artbox

Party @ Dazed ! Today !

March 27, 2010

It’s been a long long time, but the Dazed 70’s Rock Jams are back !

Our longtime friend Paulfive will be spinning the streams with the best of classic and obscure seventies rock, and of course taking requests.

When there’s party at Dazed, there’s no excuse ! No lucky chairs, no hunting, no shopping ! You HAVE to be there, and we will XD

Dazed & Confused Rock Bar is here inworld, and the party is today at 1 PM SLT !

poised eggs!!!

March 26, 2010

OMG that’s a hunt you should not miss for the world!!!
There are 12 Easter eggs hidden inside Poised. They cost 0L each and all of them have clothessss gifts!!
Beautiful outfits and most of them have more than one wearing option.
I could nt decide which one to show you… so here is everything!! XD







Dazed but not confused!! XD

March 11, 2010

There’s a really really really easy contest at Dazed & Confused, with a chance to win the rock outfit of your choice ! Here’s the simple step you have to do

With St Patricks Day coming up (next Wednesday!) I thought it would be cool to do something in theme but suitable for rockers! So come over to Dazed and Confused to see our special St Pat’s outfits..
And if you’d like to win one of the outfits just send me a notecard with the names of three of Thin Lizzy’s guitarists (Famous Irish Rockers – I hope you know that!) by this Saturday and on Sunday I will pick a random winner who will get the outfit of their choice for FREE!
Love and Rock
PaulFive Zymurgy

So here is your chance!!! Send your notices now XD

Ohh and btw i got the St Patrick’s outfit… and it rocks…. check the black one in the first photo and the green in the second.
(i loveeee that jacket)
Includes all the clothes you see and the hat, and the hair and the funky glasses!



Go there now!!! Dazed and Confused!

extremely cheap rentals!!

February 22, 2010

At Dazed and Confused !!!
Check that board!! Click the photo for a bigger image.

Now what you have to do… Come here and click the teleporter to tp to the skyboxes. The rental boxes are set so you can rent anything anytime. If you dont own a house you can go to the Prefab Demo area, from the same teleport and choose of the houses. The owner will rez it in your skybox! You can rez 5′ demos of the houses and the skyboxes for a better view.
If the demo house is misplaced then click to rez it again.

Oh and since you’re there, check the new big shop… and when i say big i mean BIG!!!
Great stuff, clothes, hair, shoes, accessories, avatars and many more, for both men and women, all in great prices.

By the way, the awesome rock bar is still there and the dj monk is waiting for us!!! XD

The amazing pants i’m wearing is an old subscribo gift from there!! Better grab it before it dissapears!!

ready to shop =44=

February 2, 2010

Ready to shop?!!! XD

First of all the new subscribo gift from Dazed and Comfused… well you can see the female, there is a male one too. But you have to go there to see it. XD
The skin is one of the Je*Republic dollarbies.
The hair in all the 44th list is the new freebie from Posh.

Two group gifts from Sassy, the one on the right is the old one and the one on the left the new one, for valentines day.

A very cute freebie from Khush, a cute dress with two tops.

The amazing dress on the left is a group gift from Barbie Bitch.
The other two dresses are from Absolutely Smitten, a freebie and a dollarbie. (Shoes included.)

That’s all for now.
Have fun!

Fishy Sales!!!

February 1, 2010

Fishy Strawberry sales!!!

They are reopening and everything is marked down to 50L, 100L and 250L!!!
Including skins!!!
Lots of lovely stuff but OMG the skins!!
I really love those skins!!
And you can the skin fatpacks for 250L!!!

I hope i’m not dreaming and those skins will still be in my inventory tomorrow!!!

Just a small taste of those skins.


NOTUS got himself a NOOBEL Prize !

October 10, 2009

Look for it at the MoNA (Museum of Noob Art) at Malyshkin !

Pimp my Newbie!!!!

October 10, 2009

And it’s not just a crazy title of a post… but Pimp my Newbie a shop!! Amazing, is n’t it?!! XD


A place where two lovely ladies are waiting for newbies to help them fix their avatars. You can see the before-after wall they have and make sure they are doing a great job.


Now… how much it costs… hehehe that’s the good part. They dont want noob money! They just help. Try telling me that it’s not absolutely awesome!!
Of course they accept donations, and they rent boards.
So if you feel your little sl scout waking up in you, show them some linden love…
or just give their lm to people who really needs it!!

Good luck Kali and Molly!! 😀

Pimp my Newbie