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TRAILER : A Second Life love story

April 18, 2010

A love story in Second Life

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Virtual CBGB @ Artbox

April 3, 2010

Today we went to check out ArtBox latest addition, a recreation of the famous CBGB club at New York City, the place where great bands like Ramones and Talking Heads gave their first shows.

Ramones at the CBGB, 1975

ArtBox is an entertaining and thought-provoking site, we’ve featured them a couple of times already (here and here). Check the upper floors for a lot of art works you can rez and pose inside.

At the CBGB we took the opportunity to try some of the gift poses we got from NSA (No Strings Attached) at the Pose Fair 2010 🙂






Direct TP to Artbox


January 28, 2010

I went to [K~*~S] for a treasure hunt. To find some dollarbie snowflakes. And i also found an amazing place. I could nt resist taking photos there. So these are the gowns you will get when you find the snowflakes. And you can also see how beautiful this place is.






need a vacation?

January 25, 2010

Cause i do!! RL days here are too cold. And we even have snow. But RL vacations are not so easy as in SL… and it’s a great chance to go to Polynesia in no time!!!!
So i did…

It’s a really beautiful place. Take a long walk around there and you will understand what i mean.


I also met these guys, very cool but not much talkative…

Hard working under the sun!! XD

And a nap in the shadow of palm trees!!!

Chinese Bamboo Garden

January 20, 2010

Chinese Bamboo Garden is very weird and beautiful place.
Look at the photos and you will find out what i am talking about.
Amazing textures, awesome view!! Great work!





Madpea Circus (pt.1)

November 21, 2009

Some images we took in our first visit to Madpea Circus. We were there only for a short time, so we couldn’t properly explore and read the backing stories. But we’ll be back, this is an amazing place.

The House of Freaks

Sorry, can’t find the LM now, but it’s in the Showcase 🙂

The Cornfield !

October 31, 2009

The mythological Cornfield, a restricted region of four SIMS which only a few lucky avatars have seen before, is open to the general population during the Halloween weekend, so make sure you don’t miss it !!

TP here, set midnight, drawing distance = 512, and explore !

Halloween at the Horror Hall

October 30, 2009

Halloween is coming ! We wore our awesome cthonic avatars from Poco Locos, and tp’d to a mysterious Horror Hall…. It was the amazing Escher mansion we saw long ago, when it was under construction in the IBM sandbox.

Pics were postprocessed with qtpfsgui … and it was worth the time.

On his disco in R’lyeh, Cthulhu (and Cthulhette) are undead dancing.

Horror Hall at Delgado States

Burning Life pt. 2

October 24, 2009

Amazing sculpted characters in a friendly exhibition at 12 Mile. Touch the funny monsters for quotations like “Friendship is one soul splitted in two persons” and “Friendship is two persons inside one monster’s stomach”

Ants in the pants ! Well actually they’re too big for that (or we’re too small, not sure). Check the ant farm and hamster cage in Vya.

Limbo’s Fractal Cathedral of Light (or whatever the name is for this spectacular array of textures). Get your virtual self there (and force midnight for great pics !).

Burning Life pt. 1

October 24, 2009

Some pictures of our explorations at Burning Life.

An evolution of the classical scene in Gulliver’s Travels. “Evolution”… because the Liliput people is mutated into bears and hybrids escaped from Planet of the Apes. But the textures and sculpties are amazing, so check it out at 3 Mile.

We spotted this AMAZING avatar, an artistic rendition (based on Picasso’s painting) of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (both controlled by the same person). Great work.

Not far from there, a building made with sliding light panels, very cool. Didn’t catch the name of the exhibition, sorry, but is also in 3 Mile.

To be continued…