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RL 3D-printed shoes !

February 22, 2010

Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf, students from two prestigious design schools in Sweden, have created these interesting, wearable shoes made of polyamid, through a process called 3D printing.

The students built five pairs for Naim’s “Melonia” collection, and the shoes were shown during a Stockholm fashion show on February.

I think it shouldn’t be hard to export a SL sculpted shoe to a 3D model compatible with this process… So wouldn’t you like to have your best SL shoes in your RL closet ?

I guess they would be really uncomfortable 🙂

Check here for pics of the RL fashion show, including some weird clothing accesories also made with 3D printing.


Stressed by SL ?

June 19, 2009

Nothing like a good cup of tea ! (yes that’s in my kitchen)


(I already know the meaning of “linden” but i couldn’t resist taking a pic…)

RL prim shoes !

May 7, 2009

Found this somewhere on the web… they really look like something out of SL !


l33t eyechart

April 24, 2009
(click for full size)

(click for full size)

😛 indeed.

RL hunt

April 24, 2009

OK this is non SL-related, but since we’re all in the spirit of the hunt…

From the amazing XKCD web comic. Beautiful and funny.