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The Cornfield !

October 31, 2009

The mythological Cornfield, a restricted region of four SIMS which only a few lucky avatars have seen before, is open to the general population during the Halloween weekend, so make sure you don’t miss it !!

TP here, set midnight, drawing distance = 512, and explore !


more halloween stuff and skiiiiiiiins XD

October 14, 2009

First of all… the most amazing fairy outfit. Two hair included. You can buy that for 0L from Inga Wind.
The skin comes from a dollarbie set of Dulce Secrets skins.

And two awesome outfits from Dernier Cri. A cute bee costume and a whole zombie avatar!! The zombie avatar comes with 3 skins (you can see two in the photo), shape and eyes (not in the photo), clothes and shoes!! wow!


halloween stuff and not only!

October 8, 2009

This year we’re going to have sooooooooo much fun!! XD

First of all two free sweaters and leggings and maching belt from G Field. The boots are from the same place but not free. They cost 30L per pair. Can you believe it?!!!!! These amazing shoes for only 30L!!!!! woooooooooohoooooooooooooo

The skin is free from Drop Dead Diva and it’s sooooooo well made!
The crazy hair with the hat is a dollarbie from Liriope.

The dress on the left is a dollarbie from Calamity where you will find lots of amazing dollarbies!!
The other dress, the one on the right, is from the same place, it’s a lucky chair prize. The letter changes every 5 min.

more halloween stuff!!

October 7, 2009

First of all… a very nice dollarbie spider costume from Badoura. Don’t forget to check their other freebies and dollarbies.
The hair in this photo and in the next one is free from LCKY where you will also find hair in great prizes!

Two amazing dollarbie costumes from MPD. Shoes included.

And many free halloween skins from Nuuna’s. Creepy or colorfull, cute or scary!!! They sure are interesting! XD
Just a small taste here:


Skins, eyes and more halloween stuff!!

October 6, 2009

And you must get them all!!!

Groupgift from RockBerry!!! yey!!! yey!!! yey!!!
A skin in all tones, with or without freckles!
And don’t forget to grab the two free Halloween costumes you will find there!! The jester costume includes a skin too!!
The hair in the photos are free and groupgift from find Ash and the eyes freebies from Wild Lilies.




halloween XD

October 1, 2009

ohhhhhhh and it’s time to start looking for some good free costumes!

A cute and sexy cheerleader costume by Je*Republic.

hO wEAr has today a great freebie, an extra sexy cowgirl costume!! Better hurry!!

A sweet little witch’s dress from RBZ.

And a halloween outfit, hunt prize from Samsara.

The skin in all photos is a dollarbie from Palette