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ready to shop =98=

March 14, 2010

Lots of shopping to do tonight… so this is just a start!! XD
Sit back and get ready!!

First of all, the hair are both a lamb subscribe gift.
The skin in both tones plus the third one in the rest of the photos, is a lucky board prize from AyYaiYai. Not in the boards near the main entrance, but upstairs. Really beautiful skin!! Oh! Don’t forget to check the hunt they have.

Two amazing sexy dresses. The pink one (boots included, bracelet too) is free from Ydea Style!!
The other one is a MM prize from Poised.

The dress on the left is a DNS gift from Brimstone Creations.
The skirt on the right is the new group gift from COCO.

Of course that’s not all.
The freebie hunt just started!!! XD


Bot orgy ?

June 6, 2009

We’re not completely sure… because they never fully rezzed. But the bots we found in the Good Life sim looked like they were having some hot collective action.


Finding these bots was an interesting challenge… but we’re not going to spoil your fun. Just make sure the minimap shows the bots are there (a tall pile of green dots :P), because sometimes they’re gone.

If you need a hint to find them, drop us a note in the comments or in-world.