ready to shop =157=


Mmmm more yummies!!! XD

First of all, the hair in all photos and the skirt on the left are from noju. The skirt is a lucky board prize and the hair an old group gift that you can still get it. The truth is that i really love that hair and use it often!! XD
The outfit in the middle and the matching shoes is the new freebie from G&N. I thought that there was not going to be a new one this Monday, right after Easter… but here it is!!! XD
The sexy outfit on the right is a MM prize from Poised.

The shirt on the left is free from Badoura. The skirt is from Pixeldolls, not free, but soooooo cute!! Costs 75L, it’s a new release and comes in 4 patterns.
The beautiful dress on the right is a treasure hunt prize you will find at Dressing Aphrodite. There is also a male prize too.

The skins in the last photo and in all other photos are group gifts from Tik Tok. Wear your tags and click the boxes to get them.

Have fun!!


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