Party @ Dazed ! Today !


It’s been a long long time, but the Dazed 70’s Rock Jams are back !

Our longtime friend Paulfive will be spinning the streams with the best of classic and obscure seventies rock, and of course taking requests.

When there’s party at Dazed, there’s no excuse ! No lucky chairs, no hunting, no shopping ! You HAVE to be there, and we will XD

Dazed & Confused Rock Bar is here inworld, and the party is today at 1 PM SLT !


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2 Responses to “Party @ Dazed ! Today !”

  1. Seventies Rock Jam Playlist (27 March 2010) « Really Dazed… Says:

    […] by all last night – thanks go out to Silber Dagger and SandyZ on hostessing duties and for blog mentions! Nexy 70s rock Jam will be on 17 […]

  2. paulfive Says:

    thanks to SandyZ for being the perfect hostess again – and the next 70s Rock Jam will be on 17 April!!!

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