Dazed but not confused!! XD


There’s a really really really easy contest at Dazed & Confused, with a chance to win the rock outfit of your choice ! Here’s the simple step you have to do

With St Patricks Day coming up (next Wednesday!) I thought it would be cool to do something in theme but suitable for rockers! So come over to Dazed and Confused to see our special St Pat’s outfits..
And if you’d like to win one of the outfits just send me a notecard with the names of three of Thin Lizzy’s guitarists (Famous Irish Rockers – I hope you know that!) by this Saturday and on Sunday I will pick a random winner who will get the outfit of their choice for FREE!
Love and Rock
PaulFive Zymurgy

So here is your chance!!! Send your notices now XD

Ohh and btw i got the St Patrick’s outfit… and it rocks…. check the black one in the first photo and the green in the second.
(i loveeee that jacket)
Includes all the clothes you see and the hat, and the hair and the funky glasses!



Go there now!!! Dazed and Confused!


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