extremely cheap rentals!!


At Dazed and Confused !!!
Check that board!! Click the photo for a bigger image.

Now what you have to do… Come here and click the teleporter to tp to the skyboxes. The rental boxes are set so you can rent anything anytime. If you dont own a house you can go to the Prefab Demo area, from the same teleport and choose of the houses. The owner will rez it in your skybox! You can rez 5′ demos of the houses and the skyboxes for a better view.
If the demo house is misplaced then click to rez it again.

Oh and since you’re there, check the new big shop… and when i say big i mean BIG!!!
Great stuff, clothes, hair, shoes, accessories, avatars and many more, for both men and women, all in great prices.

By the way, the awesome rock bar is still there and the dj monk is waiting for us!!! XD

The amazing pants i’m wearing is an old subscribo gift from there!! Better grab it before it dissapears!!


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