ready to shop =23=


Hmmmmm time to shop again? Oh good!!!! Lets start!!!

First of all, a lovely treasure hunt gift from Euphoria ! A sexy dress!! XD
The skin is a group gift from Sleepy Cat. Wear your tag and click the box to get it.
The hair is free from Alli&Ali Designs.

Clothes from Aqua. The one on the left is a subscribo gift, the middle one is a male gift from one of their two lucky boards and the one on the right is part of the gift of the other board, a beautiful lingerie set.

Another hair from Alli&Ali Designs, it’s a group gift this time. You know what to do, wear your tags and click the box.
And stuff from Cupcakes.
The dress on the left, the skins in the first photo, the skin on the right side of the second photo and at the bottom left are part of a gift from their lucky chair.
The other dress is from their discount area and it costs 25L.
The skin in the second photo, top left is part of a gift box you will find at the discount area. Lots and lots of fairy skins!!!
And the skin at the left middle is a lucky cupcake gift!!
Really amazing stuff, worth going there and spending much time!!


That’s all for now!
Have fun!!

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