ready to shop =19=


Ok the lists start late today, so i’m sure no19 is not the only one, but there will be another one later!!
So lets get started!!!

Two lovely free dresses from HL. And that’s not all. The shoes and jewels come from there and you will also find more free shoes and a cute hat!
The skin comes from La Rosa MM and it had 3 makeup options. There are more MM there and the sales are still on.
The hair is a dollarbie from Roge.

An awesome dollarbie dress with two skirt options and a free outfit from Fiz’z. There is also a free pink dress there and a male suit. XD

The hair is also from Roge but a group gift now. It was a menu to change size, ribbon color and hair color!!! w00t
The cute outfit and shoes are a subscribo gift from STC.

The skirt and the jacket in the middle are from Amerie. The skirt is a group gift and the jacket is a gift. You will also find a couple of freebies.
The black shirt on the left is a MM gift from Gloomy Noir.
The outfit on the left is a dollarbie from Paty.

Have fun!!!!
That’s all for now, more later!! XD


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