ready to shop =9=


First of all, check those boots!!! omg i loooooooove them so much. They come from a treasure hunt and you will find them at Entropy Designs. The matching skirt is from the same place, not free, costs only 200L and looks amazing!!!
The hair and the skin are both gifts from the lucky chairs of Nikita Fride.

Ema’s has got many lucky chairs, inside and outside of her shop. Check two of the gifts you might win!!
The skin is free from Fhang Candy where you will also find skins in giftboxes for 10 and 15L.

How long has it been since you last went to MPD? They have got so many dollarbie outfits. Some of them even include shoes. Also a 2min lucky chair and 3 lucky boxes and 4 MM boards and some freebies around the shop. In the first floor you can get fatpacks of clothes for 3L!!
The clothes in the photo are dollarbies you will find there. Shoes and boots included!!
The hair in that photo and the previous one come from Analog Dog free glowing spheres.

That’s all for now!!!
Have fun!!!


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