“Caminito” in Second Life


I’ve been working on a recreation of Caminito, a beautiful tourist attraction in RL Buenos Aires. Caminito is a tiny street (just a couple of blocks long) in the traditional Boca neighborhood (for those of you soccer fans, this is the birthplace of the Boca Juniors team). The houses along the street are preserved “conventillos”, humble tin-roofed, 10-people in a room houses where immigrants settled in the early XX century. It’s a beautiful place to photograph, to have a drink or three, and to shop for antiques and art (but there’s a lot of crap for sale too, of course).

This is how RL Caminito looks like :

What i tried to make is a dream-like recreation, with a dangerously close moon, way too many stars, and a glowing atmosphere. It’s not finished yet (92% done i guess) but I wanted to share some pictures of it (and if you know a place willing to host it for a while, it’s only 150 prims, said Nahasa whistling quietly to himself).


One Response to ““Caminito” in Second Life”

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    […] in SL Buenos Aires By lifetothesecondpower You’re all invited to visit SL Caminito, my recreation of a RL touristic spot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nice place for some pictures (and don’t forget to sit on the […]

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