ready to shop =3=


It’s a long list so lets get started!!!

First of all… a secret sale at Alegria Design that you dont want to miss!!!
Three amazing dresses, four beautiful bikinis and a pair of pumps cost now 0 or 1L!!! woooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo
I wont tell the names… but look carefully the two photos below to find them. You can see the pumps in the third photo XD
Good luck!!!


And now you can play and win stuff… a pair of leggings from KOSH (guess and win game) and a pair of cute ice cream boots from Concrete Flowers (puzzle game).
(and you can also see the Alegria pumps)

Two extra cute outfits from Ray Skin. The one on the left is a freebie and the other one is a lucky board prize (hair included). Walk around and find their lucky boards and their camping chairs… so many stuff around!

The shirt and pants on the left are free from Pretty Fashion.
The red dress in the middle is a dollarbie from Elemiah
and the clothes on the right are group gifts from Roule.
The hair in all photos is a lucky board prize from Junwave

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!!!!! XD


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