back and ready to shop


first of all… i have to apologize for being away for so long… but rl can be really mean some times 🙂

Before we see what we’re about to get…

For those who don’t know yet:
– i love shopping, my hobby is freebie hunting and i really enjoy showing you what i’ve  found. That’s the only reason. I don’t care about advertising shops or anything like that.
– i don’t photoshop my pics, anything you see is exactly what you’ll see in your SL screen.

okkkkkkkkk lots of talking. Lets start!

The hair in the following photos are free from Analog Dog. Go there and look for some glowing spheres. Buy them for free and you’ll get 6 amazing hair. Only 4 in the photos but i’m sure you’ll like them all.

The skin is from the pay-what-you-want wall at Free Speerit
You’ll also find more skins and lovely clothes.

The skirt and gloves in the first photo is free from League

The dress in the second photo is a dollarbie from ::humming::. And it’s not just that one. You will find many dollarbies among their stuff. And 3 freebie skirts near the entrance. Everything is awesome!!!

The purple shirt in the first photo, the scarf and the shoes are all group gifts from magi take shop where you will find all kinds of stuff as group gifts. A whole wall of them. Wear your tags and click anything you like.





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