shopping list =191=


A long list today!! 😄

First of all 6 amazing skins at YourSkin & YourShape . You have to join their group and buy them for 6L!!!

Another lovely free skin from x Xaida x.
The dress is a hunt prize from Luxurious World.

A Sweeter Than Candy subscribo gift, a top and 4 skirts! So cute!!

[AV] has got some outfits on 50% sales!!! w00t
I got this awesome outfit for 75L. Two tops. Shoes and bracelet included.

A cute dress with short and long skirt is a Moulliez subscribo gift. Very nice 😄

If you want this beautiful white gown you can see at the left side of the photo, then you have to go to V-Fashion and buy for 0L the new magazine of the shop. You will find it in the first page. Then just click the “buy” tag just above it! 😄
The dress next to it is free from MPD. You will find in somewhere in the regular prized clothes.
And finally a midnight mania board gift, from SWIM. Includes a bikini and a unisex outfit!

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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