shopping list =184=


YeY!! New list full of yummies!! XD

First of all… another beautiful dollarbie skin from Lazolli. Called Julia and you have to search to find it XD
The hair are from Katey’s Designs. You will find freebies and dollarbies (at the back of the shop), a lucky board, and prizes from two treasure hunts.!!

After that amazing skin at their midnight mania board, now you can find a free skin at Evane!!! Can you believe it?!!!
Both hair are from Junwave. The red one is free and the other one is from their group lucky boards where you will find it in 2 other colors.

Two skins and a funny shirt at Medley‘s watermelon.

Join Chilian’gel Valefar Boutique (costs 10L to join) and get these two amazing outfits you will find in their old group notices!!

The shoes cost only 1L and you find many pairs of dollarbie high heels at SKGShoes!!
The dress in the middle is free from Panda Eyes.
And the outfit on the right is the new dollarbie at Donna Flora.

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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