shopping list =172=


A long list, so lets get started…

First of all… some more melon gifts… and very juicy too!
The outfit on the left is from Cuppy Cake‘s watermelon. (shoes included)
The other two come from Zenith. It’s the girls and the boys watermelon gifts. Both great!! The girls gift includes high heels too XD

The purple dress, comes with two skirts, a long and a short one and it’s the f*a‘s watermelon gift.
The dress on the right is Girls Style group gift. Wear your tag and click the photo.

The shirt on the left is a dollarbie from Duboo and i think it is soooooo funny!!
The summer outfit in the middle is a freebie from Shameless.
And the sexy black dress is free from Dangerous Lace.

And now some great stuff from Brat! The outfit on the left and the dress in the middle are free. You will find their boxes on the table.
The dress on the right and all the clothes in the second photo are gifts from their lucky cupcake!!!
All are great, quality clothes with details and very good textures…
I prefer the dress at the left side of the second photo, the one with the dots… I love dots! Especially that dot!! XD


That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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