shopping list =166=


Wake up!!! Shopping time!!! And we’ve got a long list today!

First of all… Lazolli has a hidden free skin on the shelves. I hope the photo will help you find it XD
Two hair styles on sales at Mix and Match. Four colors each, 20L per color, 50L per fatpack.
The outfit is soooooooooo cute and it’s a subscribo gift from Amaris.

Three outfits for all styles, a long long gown, a bikini and a short sweet dress, all free from Carnal. Look for the boxes on the floor, not close to each other, so you have to walk a bit.

One more of the amazing Insatiable shirts is in their subscribo history… Yes!! A new one!! XD
The black and white jacket is really cool and it’s also a subscribo gift, from A:S:S.

And now 3 pretty dresses from Shameless Caleta. The one in the middle and the one on the right are dollarbies, at least they are dollarbies now… so better get them before the price goes up again. The black one is from their camping chairs. You will find it there in many colors, and only 11 minutes camping for each color!

She Wants Revenge sent another awesome subscribo gift today!! The outfit on the left!
And the dress on the right is this week’s freebie from G&N.

And two cute summer dresses, free from Elsie.

That’s all for now!
Have fun girls!!


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