shopping list =164=


Oh yesssssss more free stuff for you!

First of all… dollarbie hair from hair shop nodoka.
The dress and the skirts are free from McSkin, where you will also find a couple of free shapes.

Three reallyyyyy cute outfits at S@BBiA. They are group gifts. So wear your tag and click the photos to get them. The hair is also from the same place and it’s a dollarbie. In two colors, brown and black.

PixelDolls keep having 10L sales and the items change all the time. I got this cute black dress you can see at the right of the photo from there. Dont forget to check the eyes, hair, skins, ao in the sales room!
The black outfit on the left and in the middle is a group gift from Angel’s Designs and it’s a group gift. Wear your tag and click the board.

Insatiable fashions is a very very interesting place that you should visit soon XD
The first shirt on the right is a dollarbie, the one on the left is a subscribo welcoming gift and the two in the middle are in the subscribo history.
All the shirts in the second photo, and many more… are free!!!!!!
And there are some great shirts for 10L too!!


That’s all for now!
Have fun!!

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