shopping list =163=


Hmmm lots of stuff again… ready to feed your inventories?

First of all… hO wEAr has another amazing free outfit for us!!

From left to right:
Beautiful pink dress with matching jewels. You will find it in the Twisted and Spoiled watermelon!
Outfit and shirt in the two middle photos. Both dollarbies from Salsa.
Awesome shirt from C.Smit. All layers and it’s free!! XD

From left to right:
A great shirt, free from Shiki.
A gift from MEB, this cool outfit.
And a very very cute outfit, free from Kumamoto.

The sexy tiny blue dress is a group gift from Foxy. Join the group and search the old notices, or go to the shop to click the sign!
The shirt in the middle is sooooooooooooooooooooo good!! Get it from Random Fashions for 25L… or get any other top you wish for 25L!! YESSSS!! 25L sales!!! Great stuff for men too.
The leggings are part from Fishy Strawberry dollarbie gift. You will find them in 3 versions, all in that dollarbie box.
The sport pants on the right are a group gift from COCO. Wear your tag and click the sign. Don’t forget to check their old group gifts too!!
The black shirt on the right is from A.Y.Y.‘s lucky board. You will also find there the jeans you saw in the photos above for 1L!!

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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