shopping list =137=


Oh lots of goodiessssssss XD yum yum

First of all… the skin is free for a couple of days at Lara Skins and it’s sooooo beautiful!
The hair are free from Flavor.
And the outfit on the left is the new dollarbie at Prism. Oh they are having a 100L sales there, so dont forget to look around!

BOOM has some cheap bags on a shelf near the entrance. The prices are 1-25L. The swimsuit is a dollarbie and the dress costs 5L!

The left two (bikini and outfit) are a hunt prize and the other two a dollarbie at SWIM. All awesome! Dont miss them!

So Many Styles has some great clothes in a free box near the entrance. The glasses are in their group notices.

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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