shopping list =133=


Time to feed your inventories…

First of all PeppermintBlue has two new free outfits. You will find the one on the right at PeppermintBlue at SilkRoad bar and you will find the outfit in the middle and left at the PeppermintBlue free shop. (includes both colors and these amazing shoes)
The hair is a dollarbie at W&Y. It’s a new store and this hair is their opening gift.

Vain inc. has many yummies in their group notices… Check those clothes i got…
The golden leggings in the middle is a subscribe welcoming gift from League.

Two cute dresses from Elisabeth’s Store. The one on the right is a dollarbie. You will find many dollarbie and cheapie boxes near the entrance. The dress on the left is a group gift. You have to wear your tag and click the little box on the stairs.

That cuteeeeeeeee shirt on the left is from Schadenfreude. Join their group and find it in the old notices.
The dress on the right is a DNS gift from MG Designs.
The hair in the middle is a subscribo gift from Chichickie and the necklace also a subcribo gift from Dark Mouse.

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!!


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