Shopping list =125=


A short list for now… and i’m sure you will find it very interesting XD

First of all, DV8 has a package of 4 steampunk hair for 5L!! And that is a limited time offer. After a couple of days the price will go high again. So you have to hurry.
The skin at the right is a DNS gift from Moulliez.
The other skin is from MJ+DADA group. You have to join it and look for the skin in the old group notices. The name of the group is :: OZ*HI/P Friend ::
The eyes are free from MJ+DADA where you will find other free eyes too on the top floor.

The cute dress on the left is free from Alegria Designs and the one of the right is Ema’s new gift…

This is today’s freebie at hO wEAr. Pretty good, is nt it? XD

And the last place you MUST visit, is Dazed & Confused. It’s still their sales season… these days they have discounts on hair and hats… And of course a dollarbie hidden in the sales panels. Cough cough…
Ohhhhhhhh and dont forget to subscribe… great subscribo welcoming gift XD

That’s all for now.
Have fun!!


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