shopping list =117=


Hmm lots of freebies in today’s list… Better start shopping now!
hehehe XD

First of all… is there anyone who did nt visit MPD? Hmmm you should go there really soon… Three midnight mania boards, a lucky chair set to 2 min, some very cute freebies… and the rest of the place is full of dollarbies!! Clothes, shoes and shapes!! And not only cheap but amazing quality stuff too!
And these days all fatpacks cost only 3L!! Amazing, is n’t it?
Check 3 fatpacks i got today:



Both shirts for a linden dollar at Otaku Designs.
The pants is a subscribo welcoming gift from B&T.
The skins (and one more tone) are from Fishy Strawberry‘s subscribo history. You will also find a free underwear set in the shop.

The shirt on the left and the one next to it are DNS A Piece of Candy gift. The pants with the rainbow is a hunt prize from e!.
The dress is part of a gift from The Owlhouse. Look up and you will find a red box. That’s it! Includes 2 outfits and a sexy shirt.
And the red outfit on the right is part of a freebie you will find among many other freebie boxes on a table at Tasha.

They call them ‘funny socks’… i find them very cute. Get the whole set for 1L at Royal Designs

And… of course… today’s hO wEAr freebie!! Amazing, as always!

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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