shopping list =115=


Hmm some very cute stuff for you today! XD

Some very nice dollarbie skins on the roof of Schismphrenic Skins. The rest of their stuff are in pretty good prices. And there is also a dollarbie hunt. Buy the red and blue pills you will see for 1L each to get shirts and skins. The skin on the bottom right is from the roof, the rest are from the hunt.

A sexy outfit at C&R. Join the group, wear the tag and buy it for 1L.
The skin is free from LeLutka.

Three amazing gifts from Cool^Nice, a dress, a sexy outfit and a hat with hair. Shoes included! XD

The skirt on the left is part of a gift from Somatica, the skirt is free from MPD (old freebie, still there tho) and the necklace is in the freebie bag you can find at Shameless Designs.
The shirt on the right is free from Are We Dead Yet

And a MUST for today: hO wEAr‘s new freebie!!

That’s all for now.
Have fun!!


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