shopping list =113=


Lot of work to do… so lets start…

First of all… if you have nt done that already, you should go right now and join Blowpop group. There are many skins in the old notices!
(hair from Tiny Bird, not free, sorry… but i love it so much! Is nt it extremely sexy?!!)
The shirt is sooooooooo cute and free from Penguins place… The bracelet is a freebie from the same place. And yes! I love penguins!!

An amazing skin and two hair at Red Queen‘s old notices.

Today’s freebie at hO wEAr! Awesome!

Dollarbie boots at V8. You’ll better hurry, cause it is a limited time offer.

Pinkice have some of their stuff for sale. 25L !!! Wooohooo!!
I got that dress and the black boots on top right.
The AllStar boots are dollarbies from the same place.

From left to right:
The red dress is an Icing subscribo welcoming gift.
The shirt next to that is a DNS gift from Potassium.
The white purple dress is a dollarbie from Pin Up Dolls.
And the outfit on the right is this week’s freebie at G&N.
All shoes are from Shoe Fly Shoes. (lucky chair and freebie ring)

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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