Hair Fair – 4 –


Last post about the Hair Fair…

The hair are from Dead Kitties and the pants (which you can find in many colors) are from SLink.

Top left: hair from Mela’s.
Bottom left: Rosy Mood the skin and hair that you will find in 3 colors.
Middle: Dress and shoes from Twisted and Spoiled and the hair is from W&Y.
The two hair styles on the right are both from Sirena and you will find them in many colors. The one on the top is for men.

Hair from Tiny Bird. The clothes and the skin on the left and on the right photo are from Spirit, also available in many colors.

Curio hair.

Top left: Mau’s & Mej’s hair, in 3 colors.
Bottom left: Chichickie hair.
Middle: Tekeli hair.
Top right: Vignette hair.
Bottom right: Hair and topless shirt from Carlucci Designs. The hair comes in 6 colors and there is also a version of this shirt with sleeves.

On the left: Both hair styles from Hair Solutions and they both come in four colors.
Middle: hair and dress from Hairapy.
On the right: GroovyGirl hair in many colors.

Hair from Kiss Hair. The middle one is perfect for men too.

Everything you saw in the photos is freebie or dollarbie… XD

Now… how to get to the Fair:

Good luck and have fun XD


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