shopping list =100=


YEY WE MADE IT TO 100!!!!!

So lets see what we have for now…

The hair is a dollarbie from White Well where you’ll find 4 more dollarbie styles and two lucky boards.
The skin is a group gift from My Uglydorothy. Join the group and search the old notices.
The clothes in the photo are from Irresistible. The one on the left (two wearing options) and the dress near it are from their lucky boards. They have 8 lucky boards!!!! Sever with clothes (5min) and one with skins (10min). And also 3 camping chairs with cute dresses. The dress on the right is a freebie from the same place (shoes included). The boots are free from there too. Look around and you’ll find many more freebies, and dollarbies.

The outfit on the right is a hunt prize from Scruffy Gora (shoes and hair included).
The dresses in the middle are both from Canimal. The green one from one of their two lucky… ahmm donuts and the other one a subscribo welcoming gift.
The outfit on the right is today’s hO wEAr.

And the last place you should really visit is Blaze where they are having sales!! YESSSSSSS SALES AT BLAZE!!!!!!!!
Dresses, suits, tux 100L!!
Gowns 200L!!!
(btw i’m about to become really poor) 😛

That’s all for now!!
Have fun!!!


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