shopping list =97=


We have some very interesting items in today’s list!! XD

First of all a place with many free shirts, stockings, socks and tights. Here is a small taste of the stuff you will find at Yudemikan.
The hair is a group gift from Boon. There are all the colors of that hair style in their old group notices.
The skirt and shoes are not free.

A beautiful outfit with many wearing options and boots included for 1L only at Prism Haute.

A freebie and a dollarbie gown from Seldom Blue. But i cant remember which one was free and which one was the dollarbie… Sorry :/

From left to right:
– A beautiful Kouse’s Sanctum black-purple dress. You need to wear their group tag to buy it for 1L.
– The new monthly gift from Unique Jewel is that cute denim outfit.
– One more subscribo gift from Revenge. This sexy pink latex dress.
– Today’s hO wEAr freebie! Is n’t it cute?
(no shoes included in these offers)

That’s all for now.
Have fun!!

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