shopping list =90=


Yes!! We’re back!!! And there’s lot of work to do now!! XD
Here is the first list of the day!!!

First of all… zep shirt and tank!! Both free!!! It’s the monthly gift at Dazed and Confused!!

The hair is from Magika‘s clearance sales. Lot of hair styles for 20L per pack, 100L per fatpack!! XD
The dress on the left is today’s freebie at hO wEAr.
The dress in the middle is the new freebie from Ema’s.
And the dress on the right is the new dollarbie from [AV] where you’ll also find matching boots and bracelet in the lucky boards.

Go to SN@OKS and get their free gift boxes you’ll see all around the shop if you want to get those cool clothes, and much more!

NoaR has great group gifts. Wear your tags and click the signs to get them!

And dont forget to head to Concrete Flowers and KOSH to check their new dollarbies. Lots of cute and tanks!
The hair is from the lucky board at W&Y

That’s all for now.
Have fun!!


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