shopping list =59=


The last lm for tonight XD

First of all, i got a xmas present for you 😛
Yes, i’m not kidding. A vestal sent me to a shop, told me i’ll find hair, but she did nt worn me that i will find them in a xmas present!!!!
Anyway, the hair is not bad at all, it’s the red-green hair in the pic and you can find them at Novocaine. The other hair are 3 tones of the same style, in two sizes, for men and women and they are also from Novocaine but from another of their stores. So you can find them here.
And the skin is not only amazing, but also free!!!! woooooohoooooooooo
Only for some days!! Better run there!!
You will find it at Lara Skins

A very pretty free dress at Joyful Designs

Medusa’s Joy has great group gifts and a lovely free outfit!
Dont forget to check their lucky chair, to grab a bite from their lucky cupcake, and to click their midnight mania board.
The scarf i’m wearing in the middle and in the bottom left pic, is free, made from Gon Xue and i found it (and the jacket of the next pic) in a freebie shop at Tochigi Japan

The shirt is a group gift from Ezura

Oh i also found this amazing dress in that freebie shop at Tochigi Japan where i got the scarf and the jacket.

And our last stop for tonight is at Ali Couture to wear their group tag and buy for 1L this very sexy outfit.

That’s all for now.
Have fun!!


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