shopping list =51=


Lets check our today’s list…

First of all we have got free hair!!! Yes!! And pretty good hair!
Two styles, one for women and one for men, two versions of each style and three colors in each. Not bad at all XD
Limited time!! Run at Uw.St and grab them while you can!!

Next stop is at Icing to get their freebies… lots of them. You have to visit that shop!
The hair in the small pics, clothes, shoes… except the blue pair of shoes that i’m wearing, because it matches the blue dress so much! I got that in a lucky chair at Sentou Yousei.

LiNe has a great outfit as a subscribo welcoming gift. It has pants and skirt!!

A new subscribo gift at [AV]… Amazing, is n’t it?!

The pants in the next pic are free from Avantmelon and the shirt a subscribo gift from Pididdle

And the last one for now is another subscribo gift from A piece of Candy. It is a great dress with 3 prim skirts to choose from XD

Well that’s all for now!
Have fun!!! XD

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