The missing bunny hunt started!


Yey!! I’m back!!!!
Sorry for no posting these days, but i was working for the missing bunny hunt.
Now everything works perfect and i can keep on hunting freebies…
But before that… you should see what i got from the choco bunnies!
Yes! It’s a pg hunt.. but some of the gifts are great for adult avatars too.
And it is such a fun hunt!!!
Trust me XD

The starting point is at HLD Kids! Start looking for choco bunnies NOW!!!!!




Clothes, accessories, toys, textures, gestures, furniture… omg so many stuff…
And so many colors!!


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2 Responses to “The missing bunny hunt started!”

  1. Aisha Gagliano Says:

    hiyas I’m doing the missing bunnies hunt but do u know if dere some kinda help somewhere? like a group or so?

    I’m at Ellypsis some vehicle store and either I’m blind or not but soon I’ma be crazy if I dont find dis bunny *giggles*

  2. sandyzflores Says:

    You’ve got an offline IM Aisha… Cant wait to see you hunting for choco bunniesssssssss!

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