shopping list =29=


Yey!! Finally i can post!!! (net connection with problems today) šŸ˜›

First of all… more free mens hair at MadDesigns group notices!!! Good enough for girls too!! XD
Just a few of them in the pic!

More free hair at the House of Heart!! Find the box with the new samples and buy it for free.

Before you leave that sim get the Sn@tch gift.

And the Bewitched Designs gift box.
Many stuff in that box… not all of them in the pic.
Two mens jackets too.

Dance Creations has two great gifts for us. The first one is a welcoming subscribo gift, a beautiful dress with 3 skirts, and the other one is their monthly gift.


Great 2L outfits and dresses at LAST EDEN

And a great dollarbie shop… full of outfits… Multiple Personality Designs

Luxurious world has some great freebies and dollarbies too.
The jeans in the pic are a fatpack for 1L and the dress is free.
The shirt and vest is from E! and it’s free too.

And finally our last stop, an amazing outfit with 3 wearing options from MImikri hot couture. Join their group and find it in the old notices.

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!!

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