shopping list =25=


Lets see what i’ve got for you now…

First of all tp to [hoorenbeek] and get the gift of the huge egg you will find in the middle of the shop. It’s an amazing pair of sneakers!

Then go to Baby Monkey to see what’s on their midnight mania board!! XD
And dont forget to check their lucky chairs. Look what i got from the lucky chair on the ground floor!

Next stop at ROCK ME AMADEUS. There is a picture on the wall, right side of the entrance, with a dollarbie set of 4 shirts. Very sexy shirts XD
Look at the red one and you’ll understand what i mean!!

And a subscribo gift is next… find it in the history of the subscribo machine at [LeeZu!] and get that amazing dress!

Free Speerit made a freebie/dollarbie corner!! woooooooohooooooooooo
You can get dollarbie and freebie outfits. (this one costs 1L)
You can get 2 sets of awesome eyes, for 1L each!!
And you can also get 8 fatpacks of hair!!!!! w00t

And your last stop for tonight is at Sn@tch!!!! They have a freebie/cheapie room!!!! Well here you can see the freebie stuff, but you can get amazing clothes for 25-100L from there! Many stuff for men too!!!! XD

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!


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