shopping list =24=


Some very cute stuff for today!

Ready to feed your inventories….?   XD

My friend, Sweetie, gave me a landmark today… so i went… and i camp for the first time in my sl!! And look what i got!!! 15 min for each of those amazing outfits!!!
And when you go there don’t forget to check the lucky chair on the ground floor… and get on the first floor too… Everything upstairs is free!!!! Look what i got from there.

*+*JILL*+* made a new dress, in many colors…. and the olive one is free!!! woooooohoooooooo

The next stop is at Convoitise. First of all click the subscribo machine and get the welcoming gift.
Then look right behind it and you’ll find the selves with the freebies and the dollarbies!!
(some of the freebies)
(some of the dollarbies)

There is a shop called Simonie swain’s that sells mostly gowns and you have to go there. Why? Cause everything in there costs 0 to 10L!!!!!
That’s one of the freebies:

And finally, Badoura Design has lots of freebies and dollarbies under the stairs. Dont forget to buy the big easter egg too.

That’s all for now.
Have fun!


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