xstreetsl shopping list =3=


Okkkk back for some more stuff from xstreet!!

That one is free fromhere!

And another free dress from here. Jewels included!! XD

Ohhhhhhh yesssss XD A very very very sexy dollarbie from here!!!

Hehehehe you’ll love this one! Very cute, very sexy and the skirt has a resize script!! XD (here)

The shirt is from here and the skirt (another resizeble skirt) from here Both are freebies.

You can get that beautiful free gown from here

That is an amazing dress!!!! Get it for free at 7

Also free, also beautiful, get that from 8

A tube dress from here. It can be worn in many different ways!!

Ohh yes!! XD
This dress sometimes is red, sometimes is white… sometimes is long and sometimes is short!! Amazing is nt it? Hihihi… Get it from here It’s free!

A short dress with buttons… very nice!! And free!! here!!

These eyes are soooo great!!! Wow!! Free from here

And finally… the best part… shoessssss XD
If you go here you can get the most awesome free pair of shoes ever! Free prim toes!! Yey!!! You can change the color of the toes and of the shoe. You can also add a toe ring, silver or gold!!

Okkkkkk that’s all for tonight.
Have fun!

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