shopping list =20=


We’ve got many stuff for tonight… sooooo lets start shopping!!!


Schadenfreude has a great welcoming gift in the subscribo machine, a shirt and jewels… you can see the shirt and a necklace in the pic, pretty sweet, is nt it?

*ICING* has an awesome free dress!! The bracelet too!!

(Elate!) new freebies, skins (not in the pic), a very cute dress and two bikinis!

Kunstkammer has a gift for us! A shirt, a pose and two pair of eyes!

Well that outfit is amazing… i fell in love with it!!! And you’ll find it for 1L only at .:WEIRD.DESIGNS:.

Yes!! I am a bunny!! And i got that awesome outfit at .::NOSOTR@S::. for 5L only!!! yey!!
You will find it upstairs. Click to buy the pink bunny…
Ohh and there is a blue bunny with a mens outfit for 5L too!

7 89
I went to {bedizen} and all i can say is that i loooooooooooove these guys!! They are giving away the first two dresses for 1L only! And the third one was from their freebie ring!!!

The first two shirts are free (limited time only, so hurry) from Sasquatch Design and the third one, also free from The Black Canary.
The pants and the skirt are from CONCRETE FLOWERS. The first pair of pants and the skirt are freebies and the green pants are from their lucky chair.

Another amazing outfit. Dollarbie from KOSH

And finally something for your feet!! XD
The bunny boots are from EVAs and they are the cutest boots ever!! The pink heels with the prim toes are from The Dominion. Both totally free!!! XD

Seems that you have a lot of shopping to do…
So that’s all
and have fun!!!


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