Dead or more dead!!


One of my fav SL places is The Fluid Creations store and the area around it…1

The description of the place says “Horror haunted gothic accessories urban grunge apocalypse and apacaliptic prefabs, cemetery…” and more… But nothing can really describe that!!

You will find so many ways to die there!

And so many corpses

And you’ll find out that bad smell exists in SL after all…

(he was ok when i left for work this morning, officer) 😛

Ohhh yes… some of them really want to return…

No joking now… the textures are unbelievable, the buildings are awesome, the whole place is great…

If you get scared easily bring someone to keep you company…
if you dont, get someone with you who gets scared easily XD
har har har

ok ok i know… you are dying to see this place!
and have fun!!
I’m so sure you will!!


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