Shopping =11=


No list for yesterday… but we’ve got some great stuff for today XD

MadDesigns have great groupgift hair!! Short hair, very good for men, most are good for us too!!
And so many!!! Got only 4 in pic just to see what i’m talking about!

Who likes high heel shoes with toes?!!
Hehehehe i know, all of us!
So… i found two pairs, red one at The Dominion and a black one at Vinyl Cafe

Akers has an amazing dress for us, with two skirts, a long and a short one (and dont forget to click the freebie ring too)

Next stop at DarkerSide where you’ll find avatars for 1L each. They contain skin, shape, eyes and hair, you will only see the hair, the skins and the eyes in the pics

Fashion Consolidated has got some great group gifts too… look at what i got from there

And finally something more from the bunny hop hunt (yes! i’m still unpacking!!)
I got the first one from Umi Usagi and the other one from Rock ‘N Rose

That’s all for now!
Have fun!!!


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