shopping list =8=


Okkkkkkkkk the list for the day

First of all… i went to the bunny hop hunt… and i’ll show you two lovely things i got.

I went to Acid & Mala Creations and i got this lovely hoodie
The skin, the ears and tail and the leg warmers are dollarbies from KOSH

And then at Salire i found another great bunny hop gift
treasure hunt gift

Next to KOSH you will find another very interesting shop, called CONCRETE FLOWERS where they have very nice freebies and dollarbies where i got this skirt, shirt and the cutest legwarmers ever!!

[AV]Vlodovic has another free outfit for us, it’s a dress or you can take the skirt off and wear the capri… XD

And finally MNK*SHOP has an awesome group gift for us, 4 green skirts, very well made.

That’s all for now.
Have fun!! XD

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One Response to “shopping list =8=”

  1. Adreahna Vlododivc Says:

    Thanks for the post! You’ve been added to my blog 🙂

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